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Today is Loredas, 23rd of Last Seed


The ancient Nords have their own “Anu” and “Padomay” as well, known as the All-Maker and The Adversary. Worship of All-Maker is scattered these days, although the Skaal of Solstheim still keep it quite active, even to this very day.

Although All-Maker and The Adversary do not have a beginning myth that starts from the Void (that we know of, at least), they are still considered to be versions of Anu and Padomay, being that the All-Maker is the source of creation, life, and everything while The Adversary represents corruption and the opposite of everything All-Maker stands for.

Hey everyone! I stumbled across the blog a few days ago, I think it’s really interesting. You guys should check it out!

sheothemadone asked:

Heyho, your screenshots are pretty nice. :) But I saw that you have the compass turned on on your Skyrim screenshot. You can easily toggle it off by opening the console (pressing ^ right next to you 1 key on your keyboard), typing "tm" and then pressing enter. This will toggle any kind of HUD or Menu. To get everything back just do the same again (don't worry, you don't see the console at first if you want to make it visible again, just type "tm" blind). ;)

I guess I’ll use this one to answer every single person who sends me this.

I appreciate the tip. I really do. But I do know the console commands. (Also, the key next to the 1 is the tilde ~ not the carat ^, though it’s the correct location for the key to open the console).

Regardless, I don’t remove the HUD intentionally. Mostly out of laziness, but also because I like when people see it (outside of this blog) and say “Oh, is that from Skyrim?” or “Is that from a game?” and I get to talk about how awesome Skyrim is. While we all know it’s from a game, and if anyone actually LOOKS at the picture, they can tell it’s not real, at a quick glance it’s easy to think otherwise, especially some of the mountain landscapes.

So, I appreciate that everyone wants to help make my screenshots “better” by teaching me how to remove the HUD, but I like my screenshots the way they are. :) I do remove the HUD from the ESO screenshots, because there is just way too much going on there. Skyrim has the compass, and that’s all.

Speaking of, though, why don’t you guys submit some screenshots? I haven’t been able to play a lot lately (life is a dick), so help your favorite screenshotting lady out!

Save 50% on The Elder Scrolls Online on Steam

Apparently ESO is now available on Steam, on sale for $30, or $48 for the Imperial Edition.

Subscriptions must be WAY down.

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