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sheothemadone asked:

Heyho, your screenshots are pretty nice. :) But I saw that you have the compass turned on on your Skyrim screenshot. You can easily toggle it off by opening the console (pressing ^ right next to you 1 key on your keyboard), typing "tm" and then pressing enter. This will toggle any kind of HUD or Menu. To get everything back just do the same again (don't worry, you don't see the console at first if you want to make it visible again, just type "tm" blind). ;)

I guess I’ll use this one to answer every single person who sends me this.

I appreciate the tip. I really do. But I do know the console commands. (Also, the key next to the 1 is the tilde ~ not the carat ^, though it’s the correct location for the key to open the console).

Regardless, I don’t remove the HUD intentionally. Mostly out of laziness, but also because I like when people see it (outside of this blog) and say “Oh, is that from Skyrim?” or “Is that from a game?” and I get to talk about how awesome Skyrim is. While we all know it’s from a game, and if anyone actually LOOKS at the picture, they can tell it’s not real, at a quick glance it’s easy to think otherwise, especially some of the mountain landscapes.

So, I appreciate that everyone wants to help make my screenshots “better” by teaching me how to remove the HUD, but I like my screenshots the way they are. :) I do remove the HUD from the ESO screenshots, because there is just way too much going on there. Skyrim has the compass, and that’s all.

Speaking of, though, why don’t you guys submit some screenshots? I haven’t been able to play a lot lately (life is a dick), so help your favorite screenshotting lady out!

Save 50% on The Elder Scrolls Online on Steam

Apparently ESO is now available on Steam, on sale for $30, or $48 for the Imperial Edition.

Subscriptions must be WAY down.

Elder Scrolls Online Poster Book

So when Zenimax announced they were releasing ESO posters I was like “Yay! They’ve got some beautiful art.” And then I found out it was actually a book of 40 posters! OMG MORE YAY.

So I immediately ordered it from Amazon when it came available. (Along with Super Mario Bros. Wii). And it was on sale! Sweet! It showed up today, a day early, even better!

This is a really well made book. Very good material, heavy paper stock, the prints are beautiful. Under regular circumstances, I’d be more than pleased with this purchase.

Except for one tiny thing. The posters are double-sided. Each individual page of the book (20 pages total) is printed with one art print on each side. So, yes, there are 40 images in the book. But only 20 pages. So you basically have to decide which one you want to display, if you’re going to display them outside the book. And since they’re posters, that’s what we were intending to do.

Again, it’s a very high quality book. I’m not disappointed in that product at all, other than the double-print problem. I went back and checked the Amazon description thinking maybe I just missed this part…

"The enthralling fantasy world of The Elder Scrolls® Online comes to life in this deluxe poster collection filled with bold, beautiful imagery of Tamriel and its heroes, landscapes, and emblems. Featuring concept art, environment designs, iconic visuals, and more, this indispensable collection of forty high-quality removable posters captures the grand scale of this groundbreaking installment of The Elder Scrolls® franchise.”

Gaming Trend: May 14, 2014 book review. “Insight Editions has tackled the impossible task of selecting just 40 pieces of art from the vast array of incredible artwork that comprises The Elder Scrolls franchise. From high resolution CGI renders to incredibly detailed pieces of hand-drawn artwork, these 16”x12” posters represent the most iconic pieces of Elder Scrolls imagery… Truthfully, there isn’t a bad piece of art in the bunch. Overall, it’s very easy to recommend this poster set to any fan of The Elder Scrolls, regardless of what you think of the series making inroads into the MMO space…it’s a no-brainer for anyone who appreciates incredible art.”

So…no mention at all that it’s not 40 individual posters.

I’m not very happy about this. I like the quality and the look of the posters, but I’m not happy that I really only get to display 20 rather than 40, unless I leave them in the book.

This is the cover. As you can see it’s sitting on my lap, leaning against my desk. I hope that gives you some perspective of size:

This is the front of the first page of the book. It’s our favorite Breton asshole!

And this is the back side of that first page. Our lovely Red Witch.

I would love to put BOTH of these on my wall. But I can’t. I have to pick ONE to display.

Basically, the only resolution I really want is to get the 40 unique posters I was expecting to get. I don’t imagine that’s going to happen, but I’m going to continue to write reviews and make a fuss about this. I’m certainly not telling you NOT to buy it. I’m just telling you what you’re actually going to get. Again, it’s not a bad product, it’s just what I thought I was buying.

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