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What mice ya’ll using?

My mouse is dying. :( I’m totally bummed, seriously, I’ve had this mouse for like, 6 years and it’s been so great. (

I’m looking at a few new ones, mostly Logitech because it’s never really let me down. I’m really eyeing this one a lot because I like having the weighted mouse, and this is a pretty similar design to what I have now. (

So what mouse are you using?


So, quick tip, in case you wanted to throw your computer across the room today like I did: Early Access ends today. To keep playing, you have to subscribe to a payment plan. (I do not want to hear any bitching about omg but my included 30 days, Y U WANT MY CARD, you still get your 30 days, this is a standard MMO practice, and I don’t give a shit).

If you are not seeing any link on your account page that says “Subscription” or anything like that, you still have to redeem your game code yet. I’m mildly annoyed about this, because I had to redeem 3 codes, on top of the early access code, to get my game, recognition as an imperial copy, and then my extra goodies.

Regardless, that’s what you have to do. And then it’ll prompt you to enter payment info. It will charge your account, like when you get gas, and it pre-charges your account, but if you don’t have the money right now, let it get declined, then send a ticket in to Customer Service and they will make sure you get your 30 days of game time no matter what. (

If you have a physical copy, there’s a leaflet thing that has your code on it. (Standard game practice). If you got a digital copy from someplace that is not the Elder Scrolls website, I imagine you got an email that has the code in it? Best Buy sent me my early access code in an email, and it’s probably a safe assumption. If you got a digital copy from the Elder Scrolls site, I don’t think you have to enter a game code, but I could be wrong about that.

What I have found is if I’m having problems with something, I check the forums first, which usually aren’t very helpful because it just seems like bitchfest central, and then I go to the Facebook page ( ) because the other users tend to ask questions and helpful people respond, or you can ask your own question and hopefully get helpful responses. (You won’t always, it’s Facebook after all).

Good luck, ya’ll!

annamavis asked:

So how is eso? I've heard some very mixed reviews so far and I'm a little worried...

I find it very enjoyable. It’s not Skyrim, it’s not traditional Elder Scrolls, but at the same time, it is. At this point, the character I’ve been playing on the most is still only level 7, because I’ve been wandering around out in the middle of nowhere like I usually do with ES games. There’s all the exploration, there’s crafting stuff to find, chests to unlock, caves with random weird things in them….

There’s a few frustrating things, at least to me. You can’t go underwater. Not everything you think should be interactable is (like a book I found next to a skeleton from what was obviously a ship wreck. It’s a journal, clearly, why can’t I read it?!) There’s still a few bugs leftover from beta, but that’s to be expected, no game is bug free.

There’s story quests, there’s random quests from items, there’s quests you find just wandering the world. At this point, there’s enough people playing to make the beginning areas a little annoying, at least where quest stuff is being done. I can still wander on the beach for awhile and barely see anyone at all, though. The quests are typical ES quests, there’s no “Find me 5 berries and kill four chickens while you’re at it” type of quests. The quests are “My crew got lost in a storm, can you help me find them” “My husband went fishing and didn’t come back” “Assholes are attacking our town but not taking anything, can you figure out what they’re planning” “Some jackass is raising the dead, go stick a sword in him”.

The skill system takes a little getting used to, and I think a lot of people aren’t realizing they’re not locked into their “class”. You can create a character as a sorcerer and still become a heavy armor, greatsword wielding badass. There’s class skills, weapon skills, armor skills, and crafting skills. It’s not just “Well I’m stuck being a sorcerer.”

I think people came in with preconceived notions of how the game should be and are saying it’s complete shit when it doesn’t match up to what they thought it was going to be like, or should be like. There’s also people who were bound and determined to hate the game no matter what, and people who came in expecting a new WoW and found Elder Scrolls instead.

It could also be too that people are making judgments just off the starting areas, where things aren’t too difficult yet, and there’s not as much to explore. The higher level areas get much more difficult, and are much more vast. And there’s pretty much ALL OF TAMRIEL to explore.

If you’re really cautious about it, (because let’s face it, it’s at least $50) I guess maybe wait a couple more weeks for people to start doing thorough reviews on later game content. I really can’t say anything about the PvP, because I pretty much never do PvP, but if my other half does some, I’ll try to get him to do a review about that. :) I think that if you come to the game open-minded, without trying to compare every aspect to Skyrim or Morrowind, you’ll enjoy it. You’ll definitely get your $50 worth.

If there’s a particular aspect of the game you’d like a review on, or have questions about, let me know and I’ll do what I can to help out. If it’s not an area I know about I’ll have one of my friends write up something. :)

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