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So this is the process of a Coldharbour anchor dropping. Molag Bal worshippers gather ‘round and sacrifice some poor guy (who doesn’t look all that unwilling) and then the anchor ring starts to form. Giant chains drop out of it and slam into the ground, then yank back up to literally anchor it to Nirn (hence, anchors). Then daedra start dropping out of it left and right and it’s all the killing and destroying the pinions and then it just vanishes and goes back to a peaceful beach scene.


What mice ya’ll using?

My mouse is dying. :( I’m totally bummed, seriously, I’ve had this mouse for like, 6 years and it’s been so great. (

I’m looking at a few new ones, mostly Logitech because it’s never really let me down. I’m really eyeing this one a lot because I like having the weighted mouse, and this is a pretty similar design to what I have now. (

So what mouse are you using?

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